Performance Tomorrow!

I’ve been quiet for a while, but here’s an event where I’ll be talking. Harvard Arts First is this weekend, and I will be performing a monologue (often referred to as “the poop monologue” for lack of a better term, or perhaps that’s actually the best term) on Saturday, April 29th, at 4:30 in Phillip Brooks House (on the edge of Harvard Yard, across from the Science Center). The above link has a map and program you can view online for more information. As far as I know, John Lithgow (receiving an award this year) will not be in the audience, but I cannot guarantee that he won’t, so you ought to come just in case. This portion of the event is free, the rest will come at a cost.

16 facts about me

I recently got an email from a student who needed to know 16 facts about me for a school project. He said the facts could be anything, so here is what I gave him, in case you find yourself faced with a similar project.

Erik P. Kraft . . .

1. Has 6 pet chickens (named Boss Chicken, Suzy Creamcheese, Henny Penny, and The Mandrell Sisters)

2. Has eaten a whole pie on his own on more than one occasion

3. Has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil

4. Is vegetarian

5. Has a son who thinks he is a weirdo (but who thinks being a weirdo is funny)

6. Once had gigantic Elvis sideburns

7. Often performs comedy (or what he thinks is comedy)

8. Can drive a stick shift

9. Went to UMass Amherst

10. Started writing children’s books after taking a class taught by Jack Gantos

11. Started illustrating his stories after having Chris Raschka as an advisor in grad school, who suggested he do it

12. Once convinced a friend in school that Impressionist art was when you carve pictures into potatoes and stamp them in ink

13. Is not superstitious about the number 13

14. Had a picture of Mr. Rogers in his high school locker

15. Was not himself called Miracle Wimp in school (they went more for the cheese names rather than mayonnaise) but knew someone who was.

16. Is colorblind and his outfits reflect his.